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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Go and See This Movie Tonight May 6th; Showing For One Day Only

The hymn "One Family In The Lord" gave us these words:

"Here we are gathered, one family in the Lord;
His life is the bond that we share.
Although we are many, we are in one accord,
And as the members, know the family care..."

I am not sure if you closely considered the definition of family in recent months and years, but you should if not. I take you through a deep dive into the varied definitions of what family means in our culture anymore during the presentation of The Successful Family Legacy seminar or webinar. You can watch a free video webinar sample presentation by clicking on the title in the previous sentence. The full webinar content is now available online in Video format to purchase & explore at your own pace. However the definition of the word "family" is greatly varied anymore across cultural demographics. It is harder to track down the definition even in regards to the dictionary. In other words, you may read the dictionary meaning but I promise you will pause and wonder its

Why does this subject matter which is the core foundational element of all healthy society seem so elusive?

A few weeks ago I blogged about the privilege I shared with my wife as invitees to the pre-final cut screening of a Focus on The Family movie release called "Irreplaceable". Check out that blog by clicking HERE is you missed it. As stated in the hymn above, family is about "bonds", and "one accord", "knowing we care", and things of that nature. This critically important documentary style movie walks us carefully through what we've lost so that we may properly restore.

For one day only, today May 6th all around the country and where you currently sit, this movie airs. I implore you to go and catch a glimpse for yourself. You will be amazed at a worldwide view of the transformation of family. It ain't pretty, but what a great opportunity to make an amazing impact. Get your Ticket here!!

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