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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Attitude and Approach To Prayer

In recent weeks I have struggled with a bit of disconnection spiritually with God the Father.  It is not that I am not frequently opening my bible, but instead there is a funny feeling because I lack the sense of a pull into deeper fellowship with Christ that one gets from a deeper, intense, and personally specific ongoing topical or book of the bible study.  Honestly, on multiple days of the week I am involved in various rich bible study times with the book of Daniel (men's discipleship group), facilitating a phenomenal biblical leadership series (, facilitating an awesome marriage group (Love & Respect), and so forth.  But nothing beats direct, purposeful, intimate, consistent, and intense one-on-one time with God, hence my comment.

Then comes the National Day of Prayer, which I willingly prefer to embrace as the National Week (if not month) of Prayer, but who asked me for my opinion right?  All around the country on this day, Christians are gathering to petition God the father that He protects and guards the land, its leaders, and so many other aspects of our existence.  It is my personal and primary hope that we pursue this discussion first and foremost by each individual from the origination of self, to family, community, city, state...right on up to the president of this great nation, as well as the impacts beyond these borders.  But what is our attitude and approach to an effective prayer, and prayer life?  In my introspective time, the Lord took me to the book of Luke, chapter 18 (Luke 18).

I believe the Lord through the writings of Dr. Luke uses several parables and incidents to help us examine our manner of approach in prayer.  I do not intend to explain it all to you, instead I will hint at my impression and take-away from the passage.  However, I will strongly advise you to read the scripture and make note of what the living words of the bible speaks to your specific situation.  As I said earlier, mine was a place of a bit of a lack of intimate and intense personal connection.  What has yours been, or what is yours?

Approach & Attitude to Prayer in Luke 18:

  1. Luke 18:1-8 - Persistence (Do you feel you've prayed for the same thing too long (years)?)
  2. Luke 18:9-14 - Reject Arrogance, Approach in Humility
  3. Luke 18: 15-17 - Assume a child-like trust in God (blind and innocent faith)
  4. Luke 18: 18-26 - Let go of earthly possession or prayer; God will infuse heavenly treasures
  5. Luke 18:28-30 - Understand & Know that God "PROMISES" better returns
  6. Luke 18:31-34 - Be assured of His promises which is never dependent on your understanding
  7. Luke 18:35-43 - Persistence re-emphasized; but be sure to give glory where due
I pray this blog gives you a greater insight, examination and authenticity to your prayer life than you have ever taken before.  More importantly, I pray the scriptures will empower us all to a more powerful utterance of prayer for our families, cultures, and nations.