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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Problem? A Generational Identity Crisis (A Documentary Film)

We are tackling a significant project and our first major fundraiser as a result. We are filming a strategic and educational documentary. As a non-profit we are impacting the source (generational identity crisis) & not symptoms of family issues by changing the dialog. Click the live links throughout this blog to visit the fundraising site and view several short video content we have compiled.

Our documentary will portray the socio-cultural impact of re-instituting the Biblical role and spiritual legacy of the “Firstborn Son” on children in America, especially fatherless boys in depressed families of our great country. The documentary will tell the story of actual students who are going through our training program and embraced the opportunity to step up and take their rightful place as a selfless and sacrificial leader of his family; a leader to his siblings and a source of encouragement, strength, and support to his mother. It is no secret our culture struggles as a result of broken families and a lack of family values because of fatherlessness, incarcerations, divorce, domestic & child abuse, grandparents shunned and rejected, and more.  Every generation of our society feels its undeniable impact on all of us and the pain and turmoil it causes.

Why is this important? Far too often we throw money and resources at the symptoms and rarely the source of our cultural issues. It is at this critical fulcrum and juncture of the lives of many (young & old) that our program delivers its powerful impact. We provide unique and strategic focus on the literal & symbolic role of the firstborn son, as well as provide the tools for building a successful family legacy. 

It has been said that every boy seeks a battle to fight, and if he can’t find a noble one he will choose a destructive one. This documentary film will reveal what happens when fatherless boys and girls discover they are unique individuals who have a plan and purpose in their lives to impact their families and communities for generations to come.

We will chronicle the journey of several students from the Seattle, Washington area as we teach them the principles of the “Firstborn Son” role using our proven curriculum. The book “The Firstborn Son: A Curse, a Gift, or a Calling” documents several successful stories. These familial components bare deep rooted healing properties yet they have been devalued and neglected by the current experts on family and leaders of our schools and government.

All through childhood my parents consistently educated me on the importance of my role as the firstborn son for our family. At the age of seventeen a tragic civil war destroyed my country and my family, taking away everything my parents worked so hard to build over thirty years of marriage and raising our family. The responsibility of restoring our family from this destruction was given to me by my father and became my primary responsibility as the firstborn son.  As I grew into this challenging role, it became less of a burden and more of an honor as I realized the lasting impact it would have on my family for generations to come.

Please join us in changing the face of America one child at a time by helping to fund the filming of this documentary and the refinement of our teaching materials.  Through this documentary we will be able to socialize the power of this program in the transformation of our family structure so badly needed in our country through our unique yet simple program.  Help us spread the word and start a new constructive revolution that can transform that face of America and the generations of children who will be our future.

Thank You, & may God bless our partnership.

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