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Monday, March 10, 2014

What Is Family? From The Jackson 5 to Miley Cyrus, What Happened?

Even if "Pop Culture" is to blame for an egregious shift in the definition of family, what happened. As dysfunctional as it may appear years later, the pop sensation of my youth understood and promoted family. Yes, the Jackson family and celebrated "The Jackson 5" ruled my musical world and desire for family as a child and teenager. Many of us (a bit older, hint, hint) have even greater points of references. In this era, my children have to hear of Miley Cyrus (former Disney icon) on a worldwide stage, half naked, and displaying obscenity with a married man. I could go on with a variety of examples from politics on through to the causes and effects of poverty. However, no need because the buck stops at this question for us all. What is Family?

My wonderful wife and I were invited to a pre-screening of the upcoming Focus on The Family film "Irreplaceable" last Thursday. You can see the trailer below. This is a powerful and absolutely must see film if you seriously want to ask yourself the question "What is Family?" If you desire to be an effective part of the solution, rather than simply sit back and point the finger, go and see this film on May 6th. Focus on The Family has reserved over 700 theaters across the nation for this one night only. So, save the date now, and don't miss it!! Get Your Tickets Here and no the creators aren't paying me to say that.

How do I keep from ruining this for you? I will choose to say it this way...  There aren't many ways the creators of the film have failed to approach this dialog. There is the international consideration and not just American. There is the political, higher education, pop or hook-up culture, fatherhood & motherhood, pressures of families with disabilities, Christian, race & other demographics, and more. There is even the multi-generational consideration which we applaud greatly at The Firstborn Son, Inc. Best of all, this is just the beginning of a more extensive dialog yet to come with additional post movie resources designed to engage the culture long term. In short, to make a restorative and lasting impact we must proactively and consistently engage the culture with this question.

So, what is family? Do you know anymore what your honest definition is? Are you even aware how much of the current culture has infiltrated your thoughts about family? Irreplaceable gives you a historical journey literally across the world to help you re-establish a safe and secure definition where necessary.

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