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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Father-Shift Restores Fathers to the Fatherless!

Far too often we hear rumors and reports of how the fatherless epidemic or our culture, nation, and our world (human trafficking, prostitution, child soldiers, etc) is too significant a cost to ignore or bear. In a previous blogpost titled "Cultural role model or a father figure to the fatherless?" I tackled this issue a little deeper. What is your contribution in the fight against this epidemic?

If you haven't got your hands dirty yet in this matter, or even if you are already involved, I want to introduce you to a wonderful opportunity. It is as simple as this, do your part to bring a Father-Shift Conference to your city. It is a tremendous opportunity to not only raise awareness, but you will bring instant help and solutions to the wounded (father wounds), and support for those with the means to provide solution to the problem in so many ways.

Here is a link to an article and interview that was featured on The Christian Post. Click here to read "Christian Leaders Combat Epidemic of Fatherless Families With Father-Shift". Then join the movement to do your part by inviting a Father-Shift Conference to your city.

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