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Monday, September 30, 2013

Starbucks, Subway "Eat Fresh", & Successful Family... What's Common?

I took a a remarkable trip this weekend, sadly without my family but purposeful nonetheless. Nestled in the midst of swampland, under frequent surveillance and monitoring via radio communication, sits a juvenile detention center for young men. Its occupants are within the age ranges of 18 to 23 or so. They possess unimaginable personal and family circumstances of all kinds which have landed them where they are. They are what many, including the guilty one who writes this blog, has one time or another called "Menace To Society". Yet they taught me a lesson for six non-stop hours that I could never gain in the presence of University of Oxford scholars.

What's the lesson you wonder? We seek evil erroneously, or excellence and nobility in this fleeting life. Yet only one cord strikes a joyful rhythm every time we dialog. Its family! We, God's greatest creation (mankind), are created for family fellowship (Gen 1:26-28). Yes I knew that. But joy on the faces, the witty interactions, the expressions of warm appreciation, during and after a non-stop six-hour presentation on Successful Family Legacy to "so called" outcasts of society cannot be nearly matched. These were young men who daily ingest some of the worse anti-depressant drugs you can imagine for emotional stability. Yet not a single incident nor distraction of any kind ruled the day. Instead it was the sweet sound (discussion) of family. At the conclusion they all proudly received a certificate of completion.

So what do Starbucks, Subway "Eat Fresh", & Successful Family have in common? In my opinion nothing. However we are now an official non-profit (Family Legacy Builders) in the state of Washington. The money spent for a stop or two at Starbucks or Subway "Eat Fresh" can easily create many more of the wonderful moments described in the paragraphs above. Besides being a tax-free donation for you to our non-profit, your $9 per month will go a long way in allowing us to conduct the Successful Family Legacy Seminar in prisons, churches, schools, and various communities across this nation. Click Here for some reviews by past seminar attendees.

To donate, all you have to do is become a monthly member of our Successful Family Legacy community. Click here to enroll. The site and community contains a variety of great resources to enhance your life and family including audio of our flagship product Successful Family Legacy Seminar, monthly family legacy teleconferences, member-only Facebook community for support, and more. We are continuously adding and growing the list or resources.

Below are two images which greatly motivate us and we pray would motivate you to join our team for improving families.

Not so long ago (1960) the level of married individuals in the country was significantly higher than the current statistics. We are now establishing a clear reversal of the trends in favor of single parenting and cohabitation. The consequences for such actions are clearly destructive on so many fronts. Although these evidences are more impacting on the spiritual, moral, and generational (children) levels in my personal opinion, the financial aspect is significantly severe also.

The image on the right side of these words is a clear depiction of the demoralization of our society. If marriage is declining and single-parenting and cohabitation is on the rise, then we have a serious problem. The country's current debt concern is evidence of a clear correlation to the poverty indicators the image portrays. The more we drive marriage out the more poverty we welcome.

Please join our community and become a monthly donor to this incredible cause. We will love for you to join us in person wherever possible. Nevertheless, only by your prayers and your donations are we able to do the work. Be confident we are ready to work!

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