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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Website With More Family Building Resources

The Firstborn Son, Inc. has unveiled a new and improved website targeting strategic growth with more family building resources. We exist to build strong families regardless of the aggressive anti-family challenges rumbling within the culture. Conveying the importance of successful family legacy in truth through stories, videos, statistical facts, speeches, and more will ensure lasting success is found and sustained for our families. Here is a unique taste.

Liberians and Africans in general are notorious for teaching their young ones through fables and wise tales. Interestingly, these stories are told with animal and insect characters such as spider, dog, monkey, and more. There is a tale to teach against greediness whose plot portrays the spider, which once had a normal size waist, today has a tiny waist because of his greed. He committed to two feasts, at different villages, at the same time. Unfortunately he encouraged each village to pull on ropes he tied around the waist when the feasts began. You can imagine what happened. Moral of the story is greed will cost you.

There is also a tale for teaching children to avoid deceit. In this plot the spider, generally noted for insincerity and cunning behavior, chooses the dog as his eating partner at a massive feast. Spider's plan was to eat most of the food the duo was given. Glancing at the dog, spider expected the dog's nose was actually his mouth and there was no way dog could eat at a rapid rate with such a small mouth. Spider chose to arrogantly leave for a potty break as the food was being served. He expected to return with barely any food eaten by dog and he would then devour everything rapidly. Upon his return all the food was gone. Flabbergasted, he asked dog "How did you do that?" It was at that moment dog opened his mouth and spider saw the true size of dog's mouth. Spider's deceitful plan cost him greatly when it backfired. That fable teaches kids to interact truthfully with their peers and others.

Until recent years, and in some traditional cases still, history and truth has always been passed down through families and tribes orally. Villages would have an oral historian also sometimes known as the "Town Crier". His responsibility was to transfer accurate history of a people's past which is critical to the construct of their present and future.

In the context of today's family, that strategically priceless  process of honoring our history, and subsequently constructing our present and future upon its truths is what we at The Firstborn Son, Inc term as "successful family legacy".

At your new and improved The Firstborn Son website you will find:
  • A simple menu for navigating important pages (event, store, contact, etc.)
  • A rolling banner of selfless virtues critical to building and leading a healthy family
  • Featured Section: Entities we are serving soon (inspirational speaking, seminar, events, etc.)
  • Top Projects: Activities you can join us to serve and build strong families & communities
  • Client Section: Entities we have been honored to serve in the past
We look forward to growing with and serving you for many years to come. Please explore and enjoy your new and improved website.

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