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Friday, June 21, 2013

Exodus International or Mount Sinai?

Written by Haedyn G. Bambolo (3rd grader - Fall, 2013)
A couple of minutes ago I was reading a story (God, a Grizzly, & Me by Nikki Kronbergerabout my aunt's hunting adventure. A story about an incredible shot on a grizzly bear hunt. She has two kids and is my mom's best friend. She is an awesome aunt. Oh, and if you're wondering that she is my mom's sister, she isn't. She's a family friend. That's all for today from your local writer.
(Click here for article: God, a Grizzly, & Me)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE MOMENTS!! We awake to our mornings with an agenda on our hearts, but when we seek the heart of the Lord in prayer and devotion "He shows us His agenda!" Noting the recent headline news on the "apology" of yet another prominent spiritual leader in Allen Chambers of Exodus International, my flesh screamed "Go after this!" However, it wasn't for the right reason. Instead an even stronger God-filled urging arose within, and with some divine external help.

Especially as a parent first and foremost, as well as mentors and other authority figures, :"What is your Mount Sinai Moment?" The day you realized that God has called you to personal account for delivering His word to your children. The day you realized that God does not live vicariously through a spiritual leader but has a direct, personal, fearful (reverent), yet favored connection with you. The day you realized that the fall of a spiritual leader should not discourage you. Their fall will never impact God's word in you if you have proper embrace & context of His truth. The day you realized the almighty power of God despite any situation.

Why are we so highly disappointed?
Why are we so highly disappointed or discouraged when we hear another prominent spiritual leader has strayed, or made a misguided statement? Is it because we are fearful of the impact it will have on God's work and His word? Or  is it something that reveals a negligence in our own lives, and consequently our children? I have evidence God's work has outlasted many prominent failures of men (Abraham, Moses, King David, John the Baptist, etc.) and it has never lost its power to transform the sinful heart. Therefore, my assessment is we are gravely bothered because there is an element of self-revelation about our own faults.

What is your Mount Sinai moment?
As spiritual leaders at any level, God's word points us back to the foundation of leadership in our home and family (1 Tim 3:1-5). It is amazing that while I sat pondering a message about Exodus International the Lord posed a gentle question to me. Ezechiel, are you aware of your Mount Sinai moment? Deuteronomy 4:10 specifies that God instructed Moses to bring the whole nation of Israel at Horeb, and He personally gave the law from Mount Sinai. The fire, smoke, lightning, thunder, sound of trumpets, voice of God were very shocking, terrifying and unforgettable for all present regardless of their maturity. It was so incredible and fearful that they begged no more should they have to endure that setting (Hebrews 12:19). God's authentic intention was and is this:
"That they may learn to fear Me all the days that they shall live upon the earth; to reverence Him the lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy; to fear to offend Him by breaking His laws, so holy, just, and good, and delivered in such an awful and solemn manner.

That they may teach their children; the words they had heard, teach them obedience to them, and to be careful not to act contrary to them; since that would bring down judgments upon them, and deprive them of the favour they enjoyed, of which they had seen instances."

As I sat concluding my bible study time, and pondering what to write about Exodus International, my daughter approached me with the story she had written above and affirmed God's agenda for my response. It dawned on me how powerful an unspoken impact we have on our children, and why the Lord points us as leaders to the foundation of the family. There are so many things she (daughter) desires because of moments such as reading a story about her aunt, or observing the relationship of her mother and aunt. My daughter desires to be a writer because she watches daddy frequently engaged in that activity. What activities and habits (of God's especially) are you engaged in that your children desire?

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