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Friday, March 29, 2013

What is Easter About For Your Family? How Can We Forgive?

What is Easter about? Is it centered on the story of unmerited favor and forgiveness? Is it marred by the brutality which exists in the hearts of mankind, yet forever etched on the souls of  men by the unconquerable redemption and resurrection of Jesus Christ? How can we forgive ourselves and others for wrong and guilt which so effectively and visibly destroys us from the inside out?  I believe it is said the prisoner is the one who refuses to forgive. We must "Live To Forgive"!

Jesus Christ gave us the greatest example the world has and will ever see by His life. He live a sinless and perfect life. He taught, loved, healed, and even fed natural and spiritual food. None of those items which are at the core of every human's existence was enough to ensure His embrace by all mankind even today. His mere existence should have been enough, but He went to the cross and was crucified also. Sometimes Christ's achievements appear unreachable in our flesh and blood daily struggles (Gal. 5:16-18). We inaccurately pursue schemes to reach/be God rather than embrace his free desires to reach us, only to be exhausted in discouragement.

In our desire to restore healthy family relationships, forgiveness is all so vital. We can make incredible multi-generational strides by the powerful exemplification of forgiveness. In our Easter episode of the show Motivation With A Purpose which airs weekly on, my co-host Rich Hallstrom and I spoke with Dean Smith about his life and documentary called "Live To Forgive". Achieving what Jesus Christ accomplished by forgiving mankind may be out of reach. But Dean forgave his mother's murderer, his step-father. Could you? Click on the link (show title) above and listen to this remarkable interview.

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