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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Does the Family Hear Media Speak?

Since the family is the most significant foundation and component of the culture, it is on the backs of families we must build a great nation and nothing else. Therefore, strong families will guarantee the prolonged and sustainable strength of America and rest of our world. Such has been the case for several centuries since the creation of this great nation. Godly influenced and strong families in search of freedom to worship, education, economic development, social interaction, political persuasion, and more agreed it was necessary to take risks of various kinds to form a new and great nation.

In the same breath and the description of the nobility of such great families who built the American dream, the tragic impetus for change under the weight and pressure of weak families is remarkably devastating. The quality and the value of life is sacrilegiously diminished. Even more amazing is the reality common sense solutions to problems become gravely complicated because a people have become complacent and notoriously lazy. Important issues of morality and objective truth in the decision making of the people soon become relegated to societal failures in the name of "progressive thinking". We refuse to call our flaws what they really are, and refuse to simply protect human life, our greatest earthly possession for fear of offending someone who is already figuratively dead, and soon to be physically dead anyway. In short, only the dead have no capability of protecting life or the living; they can't. When we refuse to protect human life in any form we are dead in every manner imaginable since it is fundamentally how we protect our existence.

With our media rich world, and subsequently the speed with which news travels, we have reached new levels  of this rampaging epidemic of death in society, especially one of massive moral and psychological proportions. As a people, we are quick to unquestionably believe our giant media syndicates and dumb down our senses which scream at us to do a litmus test of the message we are receiving. That complacency and laziness, a natural nature within us as weak members of weak families will rapidly assert itself and rule the day. That leaves us with no alternative but to succumb to media feeds as an electric cord does to the electricity being fed through an outlet, "a powerless conduit". Sadly what this depicts is this, as adults especially we are simply being used by the media in many cases to infect the next generation, our children.

So, does the family hear media speak? Sure, here's proof Media Coverage of Gun Violence. Look for a few thoughts I shared in this piece also.

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