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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Introducing the concept of the firstborn son!

Hello my old friends and new friends I am soon to meet.

We have an epidemic that rages through our families, communities, and nation like wildfire.  The epidemic I speak of is the incredible lack of sacrificial and selfless men within the culture and nation.  In the track of this raging wild fire lies and abundance of divorces, and more critically, fatherless homes.  This has come about primarily because in the last few generations we have failed miserably as a culture and neglected the concept of the firstborn son.  The concept of the firstborn son and its subsequent trickle down effect is proven and strategic to the stability of the family, community, and the nation.

The concept of the firstborn son is a biblical concept.  Since I expect Christians and non-Christians will have access to this blog and other material I will put forth, let me preface the biblical aspect of my material for the latter by saying this.  You may not agree that the Bible is "the book of life" as I do.  However, no one regardless of his/her belief argues the Bible is a great book.  As a matter of fact, it is historically the best selling book ever.  If nothing else, I expect you will respect its proven credibility since you have passionately appreciated books much less credible than the Bible I am sure.  Now, if anything happens beyond that point as you engage my material, it is left up to the condition of your heart.

The Bible is packed with a great number of depictions and models we are to follow and adopt for healthy living on this Earth.  One of the most prominent of all of these models is the concept of the firstborn son.  In order words, what I speak about and desire to teach you is nothing new, instead it is proven and has been successfully implemented for ages.  However, we as a generation have blatantly rejected a concept which is strategically positioned for the propagation of an impacting family legacy to our children.  The concept of the firstborn son is about teaching our children, especially our firstborn sons to be fully aware of their roles (not favoritism) in passing forward an impacting legacy and strength for your family, and the knowledge of exactly what that represents.  Here is one such proof out of the Bible, amongst a great many I will give in following blogs, to support my claim.  Psalm 105:36 states, "He smote also all the firstborn in their land, the beginning and chief substance of all their strength."  "He" represents God who in this case did this act to the nation of Egypt in His attempt to free Israel, and the verse clearly states what the firstborn son represented for the nation.  What do our firstborn sons represent in our culture today?  What does your firstborn son represent for your family?

I implore you, for the sake of the redemption of our culture and the need to break a damaging cycle by teaching our sons and fathers the true essence of what purposeful living means, take this journey with me and stay close to this blog.  You have heard of numerous books that deal with the term firstborn in the context of birth order and character traits.  There have also been numerous books talking about raising sons in regards to remedies such as father-son outings, rights of passage, and more.  As great as all of these components are, nothing prepares a young man or restores the countenance of a defeated man better than giving him a purpose for living greater than him.  This is exactly where we have failed our men and boys and as a result "purposeful living" as described and prescribed by God in the Bible for family stability has been replaced with a "me first" and "me happy" attitude draped on our men to the tone of abundant divorce and fatherless homes mentioned earlier. 

The blog exists in collaboration and support of my book which is expected to be in bookstores and online (ebook, kindle, etc) by July or August of 2011.  The book is titled The Firstborn Son: A Curse, a Gift, or a Calling.  My bio should give you a taste of my qualification as an author and speaker on this subject matter.  I have lived this concept successfully for many years now and the adverse effects of its lack in the culture is extremely clear to me noting how effectively well the concept has served my family. 

I look forward to great times ahead...
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1 comment:

  1. Zeke-

    Thank you for your efforts. As a Christian and first born son from a fatherless home who desires the redemption of the world to the Father, I look forward to your book and continued work for the gathering of men who stand on the Word of God.

    -Stephen Hunt